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Kepedulian PT. TML Terhadap Bencana


Nowadays company is faced with the demands of the responsibility that takes into account the survival of the community and the company’s contribution to the preservation of the environment. If people think the company does not pay attention to social aspects, even feel the negative impact operations of the company, then the condition will lead to public resistance. Company not only looks at profit as the sole aim of the company, but the company’s concern to environmental sustainability and quality of life.

As a commitment to a company that cares about environment. PT. Tirtamas Lestari mineral water contributed TOTAL mineral water 7,200 pieces to citizens who are victims of fires. Hopefully this support can ease the burden of the fire victims.

Products that given to Help Victims is symbolic handover to the Local Representative and received by Local Foundations


Regional Manager Jabodetabekser Mengirimkan Personil nya untuk Kegiatan Sosial ini Pengiriman Barang di lakukan dari Depo Ciledug, dan di wakilkan oleh Ka Depo nya (Kasto Wibowo)

Semoga dengan musibah ini menjadikan kita (PT. Tirtamas Lestari) untuk lebih peka lagi dengan situasi yang terjadi di lingkungan sekitar kita sebagai bentuk tanggung jawab sosial perusahaan terhadap lingkungan sekitar.

Semoga bentuk tanggung jawab yang telah di berikan oleh PT. Tirtamas Lestari sedikit banyak dapat meringankan beban saudara-saudara yang menjadi korban di lokasi Kapuk Muara.

Terima Kasih – Tetap Semangat Dalam Menjalani Hidup

Mandiri Karnaval Nusantara 2013

Kesenian Daerah

Sunday, May 26, 2013 Bank Mandiri held a carnival Mandiri Nusantara which is housed in the Access Road in Senayan City Mall (Sency). The theme of the event is the art of archipelago was attended more than 10,000 participants. TOTAL designated as the sole official mineral water brand that helped enliven this event.

The event starts at 06:00 to 18:00 pm is also enlivened by MC Ipank, Independent Run 5K and 10K, Feast Culinary (all tenants culinary Disc 50%), products exhibition Bank Mandiri, abang none theatrical performances, cooking demonstrations by chef aiko.
For entertainment musical performances by Nidji, Naif, Malik and D’essential, Artis X Faxtor