Our Factory

  • We produces bottle filled directly without going through the first stages of storage to avoid contamination when bottle is stored in the plant.
  • In the integrated production conditions will facilitate our quality checks on our packaging bottles, so it will produce the best products.
  • At gallon 19L packaging we use “double protection” of the gallon mouth, where the seal cover using the “bimetallic inoizer” and covered with a transparent cover that aims to ensure no leak.


Water Sources/Springs

We have springs that are elected and have gone through a long process of research, including :

  • Bacteriology test
  • Chemical Ingredients Test
  • Stabilization of Water Debit.

Until now we still continue to do continuous research on our springs.


Some of our springs :

  • Sukabumi, kaki gunung salak
  • Temanggung, kaki gunung sindoro sumbing
  • Pandaan, kaki gunung penanggungan
  • Banyuwangi, pegunungan Ijen di kaki gunung klatak


Some advantages of using the material “lightweight”:

  • avoid reuse the bottles.
  • avoid fraud bottle
  • avoid contamination
  • enviromentally friendly for easy recycling (eco friendly)